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Re: [ot] end 'community ass'

g wrote:
> greetings to one and all of 'community ass'. :)
> so how many more have noticed this? how many changed their column
> spacing so as not to?
> when suggestion was made to make change to,
> "Community assistance, encouragement, and advice for using Fedora"
> i said nothing, now, i am getting tired of seeing 'community ass'
> in 'recipient' column.
> yes, i could resize columns, but that does not change fact that
> usage consumes a minimum of 195 bytes of bandwidth and storage
> space for each email sent. 260 for this message.
Your numbers are misleading....

If you look at your original message in its *entirety*...headers and
all...you will see that it contains approximately 5454 characters in
total.  The number will vary due to different headers being seen by
different people due to the route of the message taken on its way to
their inbox.

The phrase "Community assistance, encouragement, and advice for using
Fedora." contains 68 characters and appears twice in the headers.  (I
don't count your repeating the entire phrase.)  So, in the case of this
particular message arriving in my inbox the phrase amounts to 2.5% of
the total.
> i could elaborate, but i do not wish to waste more band width and
> storage space that others can use for their opinions.
Too late....  :-)

However....  When we look at your signature the story is quite
different....  It contains about 515 characters or 9.4% of the entire
message.   So, one has to wonder where the greater "offense" lies? 

FWIW, neither of these two "issues" bothers me...only the act of
bringing them up.  :-)

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