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Re: First thoughts on KDE4.2... lots of bugs...

On Fri, 13 Feb 2009 18:17:59 -0700
Craig White <craigwhite azapple com> wrote:

> ----
> I've had none of those problems but I don't use folder
> view or classic menus nor do I add launcher buttons to
> panel. I do however use the analog clock and no issues
> with that. I have a desktop (uses nv video) and a laptop
> (uses intel video) and it sounds as if your problems
> might be caused by some 3rd party video driver.

I use folder view, classic menus and launcher buttons and
have none of those problems.

> I too am not crazy about the new blue panel (apparently
> unchangeable) 

It is changeable. The desktop theme is really the panel
theme. I use "elegance" and have a blended dark gray panel.

>and for some strange reason, the
> 'Application Launcher' widget in my panel on my laptop
> since upgrade is now a blank document with a question
> mark and removing the widget and re-adding doesn't fix
> that - it looks tacky.

Strange. Mine is fine. I have a funny feeling that KDE has
some problems with settings migration.

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