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Re: Advice on changing to 64 bits

On 02/14/2009 07:32 AM, Klaus-Peter Schrage wrote:
Up to last week, I had Fedora running in subsequent versions 2 or so to 10 on my old Pentium 4 system.

Now I have a rather recent new desktop computer with much of the latest and greatest hardware: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 with 4 GB RAM, harddrive with lots of Gagabytes and so on.

Thinking about changing to 64 bits architecture (I have the i386 installation dvd, but not yet the i86_64 one), I was astonished how little I found on pros and cons. So what would you advise?

1. Changing to 64 bits is a must for you.
2. You will benefit from it.
3. Keep your hands off, stay with 64 bits.
4. ...

I should mention that I want to use virtualization (KVM, VMware Server), and that the processor has Intel's hardware vitualization capabilities.

I would certainly look at KVM/QEMU, and Xen (both use hardware virtualization), or Virtualbox, of VMWare Workstation. If you are doing server work, then VMWare server may work for you, but if you are putting it on a workstation, then do not use the server edition.

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