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Re: Need Help- Getting Bluetooth Mouse to connect

Tom Horsley wrote:
On Sat, 14 Feb 2009 12:46:50 -0500
jim wrote:

I have a Bluetooth Mouse that is detected by bluetooth-wizard, but it won't PAIR.
What do I do to get it to PAIR ?

Bluetooth Device Manager shows it as detected, but not connected.
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I can't help you, but I can say I fiddled with a bluetooth keyboard
for a long time and never got it talk without manually poking and
prodding a bunch of things (I don't even remember what) and then
I'd have to do the same poking and prodding over again the next
time (which sort of defeated the purpose of being able to kick back
across the room with a wireless keyboard).

I finally gave up on trying to operate it as a pure bluetooth device
and switched to just using the USB dongle that came with it so it
looks like a USB keyboard.

I have this feeling that all the new bluetooth subsystem was designed
by folks who never want to do anything but share files with their
phones and the idea of a "permanent" connection is utterly beyond
the capability of the bluetooth subsystem.

Fedora has had a long hard road with Bluetooth, they would fix it then they would break in the next release, then fix it and break it again. If I remember right that's the way it has been since FC6.

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