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Re: kde 4.2 pulse audio eradicate

Minson, John M Mr CTR wrote:
OK  heres a horse thats been beat a lot

how do I completely eradicate pulse audio ?

with out going into lots of ugly details sound only works on amarok and notifications .
kmplayer using xine or mplayer no sound
youtube no sound

'mukltimedia settings' set to the correct device (SB Live)

Well, rather than uninstall anything and thus create dependency issues, I just go into /etc/alsa and mv pulse-default.conf to pulse-default.conf.bak. That means if I want pulse at some point it is simple to just mv it back too. Occasionally, (after an update?), pulse will start and then I just type pulseaudio --kill and I'm back to alsa.

Primitive, crude, but effective. ;-)

I'm thinking seriously of having two sound devices, one low quality dedicated to pulse and the high quality using only alsa. Then it is just a configuration flip in each application to change which device it uses, and they are isolated from each other. Cheap sound cards are in the 10 to 20 US dollar range and many boards have cheap sound built in. Low cost to avoid a lot of hassle.


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