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Re: KDE 4.2 and desktop icons

On Saturday 14 February 2009 17:15:32 Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:
> Em Sáb 14 Fev 2009, Patrick O'Callaghan escreveu:
> > On Sat, 2009-02-14 at 08:33 -0300, Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:
> > > Em Sáb 14 Fev 2009, Adel ESSAFI escreveu:
> > > > Hi
> > > > I was very happy today morning when I found KDE 4.2 updated!!
> > > >
> > > > Once, someone tells me that with KDE 4.2, icons can be directly
> > > > be put on the desktop and we have not to use a folder plugin to
> > > > show desktop icons.
> > >
> > > Well, you still need the folder view for that, however now the
> > > entire desktop can be set as a folder view, so it behaves the way
> > > you want.
> >
> > No you don't. Right-click on the app in the Kicker menu and select
> > "Add to Desktop".
> Ok, but this will create a widget encapsulating the application's
> shortcut, as it has been possible to do since KDE 4.0. I understood he
> wanted something like a 3.5.x desktop, where files in a folder would
> appear as icons on the desktop. After all, this is the new behavior
> added in KDE 4.2, the one you describe is available since 4.0.
Clarification for those that are not yet using it.  The KDE3 version had 
Desktop as a special folder, yet looking at it in a file manager, it was 
clearly the same as other folders in most respects.  What you see in a Plasma 
desktop is not a folder at all.  Therefore, if you want to be able to file 
documents, screenshots, and whatever on your desktop, you have to use a 
folderview, in effect creating the Desktop folder that you used to have.

If all you want is launcher icons, though, PoC's method is better.


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