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VirtualBox. Was fedora-list Digest, Vol 60, Issue 109

Kirk wrote:
>> You subject is misleading. VirtualBox and KVM are different ways of
>> doing the same thing. They do not work well together. You may want
>> to resend the message with a better topic so that the people that
>> can help with the problem will see it.
>> Mikkel
> I was under the impression that VirtualBox was a GUI interface for KVM. 
> I removed KVM and still got the same message at launch.  I don't know
> what other subject to put it under...help me understand to I can at
> least ask the right questions.
> Kirk
First, NEVER quote the ENTIRE digest when replying to a message.
Trim it down to just the important part of your message, if you have
to reply to a digest message. It is much better if you can handle
individual messages, because it preserves threading.

If you have to reply to a digest message, change the subject back to
the original subject. You may find this link helpful to make better
use of this list:


I do not know what is a good subject line, as I am still not sure
what you are trying to do. If you are trying to install and run
VirtualBox, I guess we need to know how you installed it, and how
you are trying to start it. On the other hand, if you are trying to
use KVM, then I can not help much, as I do not run it. I do have
VirtualBox running here, so I may be able to help with that.


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