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Re: Evolution versus Kmail. Was: First thoughts on KDE4.2...

On 02/14/2009 05:34 PM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Mail Lists wrote:
> That's what ASCII art is for.
>                             HTML                    ASCII Art
> Works                       Yes                     Yes
> Wastes bandwidth            Yes                     No
> Where's the problem?

  (1) we have to interract with _others_ in the world .. they are not
using ascii art - I gave real examples, approving things, editing and
circulating structured information with others including tables, colors
etc ... who are using outlook, etc ... you cant seriously be in denial
of what happens in the real world.

  (2) why would anyone want to fiddle with ascii art which on each reply
has to be hand reformatted by hand ... and simple text has less
information - such as bold red large letters to highlight .. or whatever

  (3) not sure why those that dont need structured email, seem to try
and stop those that do from using it .. i am not suggesting you stop
using text email. Telling us that text only is a viable replacement for
structured mail is, frankly, silly.

   (4) the place most of use it are not bandwidth nor disk space
constrained - internally high speed networks, or broadband - its just
not an issue - and by the way, another common suggestion to avoid
structured email is to use documents - which are way larger ...

  I am not saying there is not a place for text only mail - i am saying
there is a place for both - its the real world - move on .. I'm not
asking you to use it - I'm not even asking kmail to change -

   just answering the question why kmail is not very useful in the
business world ... kmail has a place - since its functionality is
limited it cannot work where that functionality is needed ..

   Glad you have no need for structured mail - I do. kmail is not
functional enough for those of that do .. which is fine .. it serves a
different need.

   So we use evo, outlook, thunderbird etc.


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