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Re: Evolution versus Kmail. Was: First thoughts on KDE4.2...

Mail Lists wrote:
>   (1) we have to interract with _others_ in the world .. they are not
> using ascii art - I gave real examples, approving things, editing and
> circulating structured information with others including tables, colors
> etc ... who are using outlook, etc ... you cant seriously be in denial
> of what happens in the real world.

So what? You reply in plain text. I systematically reply in plain text, no
matter what the format of the original message was. And if the original
message was in HTML only or if the text version was unreadable, I'll most
likely complain about that too. (And this also means I'll never read your
fancy formatting because chances are your client also sends out a text
version without it, which is what KMail displays by default for security
reasons. If there's no text version, KMail displays the HTML source code by
default (yuck!) and I have to click if I want to actually read something
intelligible, which I'm not likely to do unless the message is really
important. More likely it'll just end up deleted or marked as read, with or
without a reply complaining about the format.)

>   (2) why would anyone want to fiddle with ascii art which on each reply
> has to be hand reformatted by hand ... and simple text has less
> information - such as bold red large letters to highlight .. or whatever
> ...

You can use ALL CAPS or *asterisks* or _underscores_ or /slashes/ or
even !exclamation marks! to highlight stuff, there's no need to use bold
red large letters (which are an annoyance, by the way).


>   (3) not sure why those that dont need structured email, seem to try
> and stop those that do from using it .. i am not suggesting you stop
> using text email. Telling us that text only is a viable replacement for
> structured mail is, frankly, silly.

Text only can express a lot of things, and tends to be less annoying than
bold red huge crap.

>    (4) the place most of use it are not bandwidth nor disk space
> constrained - internally high speed networks, or broadband - its just
> not an issue - and by the way, another common suggestion to avoid
> structured email is to use documents - which are way larger ...

I hate .doc attachments at least as much as HTML mail, they're a vector for
viruses, they may not open properly in Free Software etc.

Just use plain text!

        Kevin Kofler

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