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[RANT] Installed F10 - X performance went into the crapper

<Rant mode>

I recently "upgraded" my computer at work from FC6 to F10 and performance went from OK to barely usable. The box is an ancient PIII 900 MHz with 512 MB memory, a PCI Nvidia graphics card with the free nv driver, a 1600x1200 monitor, and a slow 13 GB disk (your US tax dollars at work).

With FC6, I ran KDE 3.5 without any problems. I could drag and resize windows without glitches, scrolling was slow but basically usable, and Vim in a console (where I spend most of my time) was pleasant to use.

Now with F10 I'm using XFCE, and the box is a total P.O.S. Resizing or moving a window is a nightmare, the screen redraw is too slow to keep up with the cursor, and I see lots of screen glitches. When I open an app like Firefox with a complicated screen, I see the screen being drawn in individual pieces. Scrolling text in a Vim console is much too slow to be usable.

Non-X applications run fine, so I've concluded that X is the problem. I could submit a bugzilla, "X performance went to hell", but I doubt that it would be taken seriously. I don't really expect any help here, but I'll be happy to try any suggestions.

There, now I feel better. Thanks for listening.



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