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Re: KDE 4.2 requires local MySQL Server

On Sun, 2009-02-15 at 11:15 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Sunday 15 February 2009 04:14:05 Craig White wrote:
> > On Sat, 2009-02-14 at 20:37 -0700, Jake Peavy wrote:

> > > Linux bloat continues unabated.
> >
> > ----
> > I think...
> >
> > - that you would have to have kde-pim package installed to bloat here
> >
> > - agreed on bloat but considering that my Acer Aspire One is 10 Gb
> > Windows installation and 5 Gb Fedora 10 and I have a lot more 'stuff'
> > installed in Fedora.
> >
> Agreed.  My other laptop has to dual-boot with XP.  However, I only require it 
> for one application.  I partitioned it with 8GB for XP system (no data) and to 
> my surprise the most basic install filled it to danger point.  I could 
> certainly run a modern linux distro, with more applications, in the same 
> space.
> More importantly, in linux, if you think something does install too much, you 
> do have a choice.
9.7 Gb on Windows XP...
- WinXP SP3
- AVG Anti-virus (free version)
- OpenOffice 3.0
- iTunes
- FileSync (to sync my iTunes music directory from server to my 'music
drive' (fat volume not included in the 10Gb and accessible from Linux
- Firefox
- Thunderbird
- Acrobat Reader
- Removed trial version of MS Office, MacAfee Internet Security

I think that is sort of a Windows minimum myself.

3.9 Gb on Fedora 10
- GNOME & KDE full packages
- Big installation of games, OpenOffice, Scribus, Webdev, Acrobat
Reader, FlashPlayer, Rhythmbox, mplayer, gxine

I appreciate the notion of bloat but on a 'desktop' system, I am less
concerned with bloat then I am on a 'server' system.


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