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Re: [ot] end 'community ass'

Anne Wilson wrote:
I understand that there has been a discussion about the matter on this
mailing list, however, i am wondering whether the fact that these headers
would contribute to the way google sees the archive was considered ? What i
mean is, compare:


Seriously, if you have a problem would you be likely to put any of those into the searchbox?

ehe ...that's *exactly* point i was trying to make, in case you missed it. Starting with the most likely, but not relevant query (fedora+help) to the least likely but most relevant query (community+assistance+fedora), to match an actual post in our archives.

To be more explicit, I am more likely to use:

(which does *not* show any posts from the list, although it should)

 ... than use ...

(which *does* show up posts from the list, but is the least likely to occur)

The matter of changing the name was discussed on this list. Reasons were given for the need for a change. The community that followed the thread had their say. The decision was based on that. It's called 'democracy'. Live with it.
I didn't get to vote ! ...naa, actually, i wasn't part of the 'community' at that time. So, yeah, thanks, i'll live with it, till the next round of voting. :)

- steve

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