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Re: mplayer

On Sunday 15 February 2009 17:36, Dave Feustel wrote:
> Is mplayer available for F9?
> If not, what mpg player is used instead?
> Do any players work without KDE?
> Thanks.

Hi Dave.

I havn't got F9 booted up at the mo, but I got mplayer from either livna, or 
freshrpms, both now replaced by rpmfusion, where you should be able to get 

If you need to play encrypted dvd's, you will have to get libdvdcss 
(libdvdcss2) from either livna, or freshrpms (some legal issues stop 
rpmfusion from making the library available). I also saw some problems with 
including w32codecs package when reading posts from the rpmfusion list, so 
you may need to get those directly from the mplayer site, otherwise some 
stuff won't work.

Vlc, Mplayer, or Totem should work ok without KDE. Totem will probably need 
extra gstreamer plugins to be installed ( gstreamer-plugins-good, 
gstreamer-plugins-bad, gstreamer-plugins-ugly, etc). have a look in Yumex to 
see what is available. I havn't had much success with Totem, but have got it 
playing dvd's on Ubuntu Intrepid, which is Gnome based.

2ยข worth of Sunday evening rambling.


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