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Re: [ot] end 'community ass'

Ed Greshko wrote:
> Tim wrote:
>> On Sun, 2009-02-15 at 20:01 +0800, Ed Greshko wrote:

>>> I guess I only have one question....

>>> This was discussed and decided upon in August 2008 in the thread with
>>> the title "The Scope and Ownership of fedora-list" and no objections
>>> were raised at that time.

>> I wonder whether any of the participants expected the list description
>> to be stuffed into the "to address"?  (There are other headers, more
>> suitable for that, that can be read for search engine categorisation.)

> Probably not....  And it took "only" 5+ months for anyone to take
> exception to it...and even then only as an off shoot to a different
> trivial matter.
>> It looks silly, but it's not /that/ important.  I'd far rather put more
>> effort into getting the "unsubscribe" link in the signature relabelled
>> as "subscription options," or something similarly more descriptive
>> (subscription settings, or subscription choices, etc.), but still very
>> short, instead of just unsubscribe.  There has to be any number of
>> people who won't click on it, thinking they'll unsubscribe themselves,
>> when they wanted to change some aspect of their subscription, instead.

> Maybe you need to start a different thread on that....  Or, maybe just
> address it to the folks from that August thread that seem to be in a
> position to change that sort of thing.

Calm down Ed. The whole world economy is in the toilet. But who cares?
*This is important*!  ;-)

But explain something. Why would you want the 'Recipient' in the line
anyway? Curious minds want to know.  another>>  :-)



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