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Re: F10 -- Xen, VirtualBox, or VMWare?

On Thu, 05 Feb 2009 17:00:55 -0700, Phil Meyer wrote:

> McGuffey, David C. wrote:
>> Rather than configuring a dual-boot machine for running those
>> occasional Windows apps, which one of these virtualization tools
>> provides the best (read most accurate) virtualization environment on
>> F10?  Which one is the easiest to install and configure?  I had
>> problems with VMWare on F7, and would prefer not to go that route
>> again.  I have no experience with the other two.
> I would vote KVM as well.  Support for native disks and USB devices is
> trivial.  However, the selling points for me of all of them are these:
> 1. Xen == Novel/Microsoft (yes, MS bought rights to Xen, and development
> stopped/slowed to nothing)
> 2. VMWare == Windows host focus.  Linux support is sub par and building
> their kernel modules may always be an issue.
> 3. KVM is in the mainline kernel and gets a lot of (good and bad)
> attention.
> 4. Virtualbox == some really old code from SUN.  It requires its own
> device driver and can conflict with KVM.

	What of Rahul's comment, further up the thread, saying "KVM  
(assuming you have the hardware support) with Virt-manager (if you
need a GUI)"??

	How do we tell if we have the hardware it takes? (And I for one 
do need a GUI for anything very complicated.)

> 5. I am a command line/scripting person, and starting a series of VMs
> based upon KVM is easily made to be automatic.
> I have no problem typing:
> $ sudo qemu-kvm -hda /dev/sdb1 -net nic -net user -m 1024 -soundhw all

	Aaaiiieeeee! <runs screaming into the middle distance> 

	Such CLI-fu is beyond all hope for me. I prefer the CLI where 
feasible, to be sure, but I won't live long enough to be able to type a 
whole such line. So what's your take on this Virt-GUI? Is it part of KVM? 

	Can we just do "yum install kvm" or "yum install kvm virt" and 
expect to get, if not success, a message we can use to make success 
possible? Something, I mean, more encouraging than "Go replace your 
motherboard, hard drive, and xkcd-bus, you idiot!"?? 

	Or is this whole alternative to dual booting still for Alpha Plus 
Technoids only?

	Dumb question on a small point of purism, btw. IF (big if) I 
understand correctly, some if not all of these virtualizers actually 
contain (in some sense of "contain") a full install of XP or whatever, 
wrapped in linux like a mystery inside an enigma -- or a cyst  inside an 
organ. Does KVM?? I'd a lot rather get rid of all the products of Redmond 
if I can ....

Beartooth Staffwright, PhD, Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
Remember I know precious little of what I am talking about.

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