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Re: Where is my desktop?

On Sunday 15 February 2009 15:14:01 Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Andreas Waldenburger wrote:
> >> >> Since going over to KDE-4.2 (via standard yum upgrade)
> >> >> my desktop seems completely empty, eg no trash-can, etc.
> >> >> Where have my lost icons gone?
> >> >
> >> > You can add a "folder view" widget to the workplace. Per default it
> >> > shows the contents of ~/Desktop.
> >>
> >> Thanks.
> >> A bit ashamed to ask, but how do I add this "widget"?
> >
> > Right-click on the desktop, select "Add Widgets...". Select "Folder
> > View", press "Add Widget". It should now appear on your Workplace.
> Thanks again.
> I've done that, and I do indeed get my home directory on the screen.
> I see that my ~/Desktop seems to be empty, I'm not sure why.
> I guess I need trash.desktop, etc, there.

Trashcan is another widget, added in the same way :-)

You should bookmark http://userbase.kde.org, as well, for help on settling in 
to things that have changed.  In particular, I'd suggest that you have a good 
read of http://userbase.kde.org/Tutorials for overview and 
http://userbase.kde.org/Tutorials/File_Management for getting the best out of 

There's very little now that you could do in KDE3 but can't in KDE4, but often 
it's done differently, so ask  if you need help.


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