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Re: Trivial question on menu item

On Sunday 15 February 2009 14:35:05 Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I have created an item in my Favorites menu
> to connect me to a remote computer, "alfred".
> I created it with the Menu Editor
> (accessed by right-clicking on the f-icon).
> The command reads, "/usr/bin/ssh -Y alfred".
> I have set it up to open in Desktop 3.
> This works fine, except that when I re-boot
> I get a konsole window on the local computer in Desktop 3.
> I have to close this, and press the button in Favorites again.
> Is there any way I can modify the above command
> so that I am connected on re-boot to the remove computer,
> assuming of course that it is available?
I don't know, but I'm looking forward to hearing from someone who does.

> Incidentally, I see that the option "Enable launch feedback"
> is checked for this item in the Menu Editor.
> What exactly does this option mean?
Launch feedback is te 'busy cursor', bouncing cursor, or whatever you chose.
> Ps KNode seems a little shaky in KDE-4.2 .
> I tried to send this posting a few minutes ago,
> and it had the effect of crashing KNode.

There's been a lot of talk about this today.  Apparently a bug has crept in 
and is being investigated.


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