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Re: KDE 4.2 requires local MySQL Server

Andreas M. Kirchwitz wrote:
> Is there an easy way around it? An end-user desktop environment
> requires a full-blown local database to be setup and run. Wow, I
> didn't know that so many users are professional database admins
> and know what to do. No KDE without MySQL.

You don't have to configure anything, Akonadi starts a per-user instance of
mysqld automatically. But it needs the mysql-server package for that


> Is this MySQL dependency by intention? Couldn't find anything
> helpful on this or on the devel mailing list, although this is
> a big issue, IMHO.

Yes, this is by (upstream's) intention, we have no other choice.

FYI, Akonadi can also be configured to use a central MySQL server somewhere,
but this is not the default configuration and as you say we definitely
cannot expect our users to be database admins, so we have to make the
default configuration work, thus the hard dependency on mysql-server.
(Unfortunately, RPM still does not support soft dependencies.)

        Kevin Kofler

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