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Re: Advice on changing to 64 bits

On Sat, Feb 14, 2009 at 8:00 AM, Roger Heflin <rogerheflin gmail com> wrote:
Klaus-Peter Schrage wrote:
Up to last week, I had Fedora running in subsequent versions 2 or so to 10 on my old Pentium 4 system.

Now I have a rather recent new desktop computer with much of the latest and greatest hardware: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 with 4 GB RAM, harddrive with lots of Gagabytes and so on.

Thinking about changing to 64 bits architecture (I have the i386 installation dvd, but not yet the i86_64 one), I was astonished how little I found on pros and cons. So what would you advise?

1. Changing to 64 bits is a must for you.
2. You will benefit from it.
3. Keep your hands off, stay with 64 bits.
4. ...

I should mention that I want to use virtualization (KVM, VMware Server), and that the processor has Intel's hardware vitualization capabilities.

Thanks for any pointers.

Something to note, I don't know why but the 64-bit versions of Firefox and Thunderbird use a lot more memory than the 32-bit versions,  I was originally running a 32-bit f9 with 3GB ram w/2GB swap, and almost never got into swap, after switching to 10 64-bit, I had to add 2GB more of swap and was getting deep into the 4GB of swap, I uninstalled 64-bit firefox/openoffice and thunderbird and put in the 32-bit version and the memory usage went down quite a bit.   The memory usage was a at least 50% more.

that seems to make sense, With 64, you have twice the register size, so that means double the footprint, for some things could be a bit slower, (twice the throughput between the ram and CPU) otherwise i've found little difference in performance and i've used 32/64 a lot.  The ram addressing is the main advantage, since there's a small hit with using PAE, it depends how much I/O is involved.  Glad to hear others experience too, hope this helps...

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