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Re: Whereis Firfoxe-3.0.6 Bookmarks ??

Craig White wrote:
On Sun, 2009-02-15 at 16:40 -0500, Jim wrote:
Where is the Bookmarks.html file for Firefox-3.0.6, It's not in ~/user/.mozilla/firefox/default anymore.
it never was...
it has always been and will always be in
And I can't get Firefox-3.0.6 to import Bookmarks.html that is in /home/user
probably for the reason above, it almost seems as though your 'user'
doesn't have write permissions to the directory it's trying to use. Did
you move/migrate/copy settings or profile from another system?


Well absorb this.
I put a totally different bookmarks.html (from Fedora 8) in ~/.mozilla/Firefox/default and restart Firefox and the new Bookmarks don't show up, the orignal bookmarks show up , that I removed.

The USER has Read&Write&Modify Priv. to all .mozilla, sub folders, files.
I have in all Fedora versions, copied the old Bookmarks.html into the new /.mozilla/Firefox/default folder and never had problems.

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