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qemu-kvm: qns regarding network and usb keyboard setup

Hi all,

Recently I started experimenting with kvm with F10 as the host, and I
have been having some problems.

I need to login to my virtual machine from the shell from the host
itself and/or from another machine remotely over the internet. I went
through the man pages but couldn't make anything out of it. I am a
newbie so could someone please point me to a resource where I can read
up more on this which is a little more understandable?

As for my keyboard problem, I can't seem to use my arrow keys inside
the VM and for some odd reason the up arrow key seems to behave as the
print screen key. Neither can I go to a virtual terminal using
Ctrl+Alt+<Fn key>. everytime I press Ctrl+Alt it releases the keyboard
input and I am back in the host. However using Ctrl+Alt+f to go to
full screen works. So far I have tried this with F11-alpha,
Debian-lenny and a customized image of SL 4. (I posted about this
about a week back, there was one response but I couldn't really
understand what was said and there were no follow up posts. so
apologies for repeating this again)

keyboard: Logitech Internet 350 (USB)

Thanks in advance.


Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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