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Differences between KDE & Gnome

Hi all,

As a (self-declared) veteran of 8 months using Fedora 9, I'm wondering.... what is the "technical" distinction between KDE & Gnome?

When I first installed F9, Gnome was the default, so I took it, used it, & was "acceptably happy" with it. Then a month or so ago, following a response to the thread about HTML editors, I installed Quanta, discovered it needed KDE "things" to work properly, so installed KDE & have been "acceptably happy" using it ever since (& enormous "Thanks" to whoever suggested Quanta - a super-magic app!!!!!).

Now, I'm wondering--do I "need" to have both KDE & Gnome installed? Are there "things" that only work (properly) in one and not in the other? (apart from the bouncy doo-dads which I assume are a KDE TM). If I keep both installed, are all the updates done in one automatically available to the other? Are hand-installed programs equally available?

And...... what the heck is the definition of "widget", "plasma" & "plasmoid" -- all the doo-dads around my KDE screen appear to do the same things as icons & buttons??

Thanks for your comment (** thanks to all the people who set up all the toys & keep them working when I break them !!!!**)

Dave* *
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