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Re: Differences between KDE & Gnome

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Monday 16 February 2009 13:50:56 DB wrote:
Hi all,

As a (self-declared) veteran of 8 months using Fedora 9, I'm
wondering.... what is the "technical" distinction between KDE & Gnome?

 When I first installed F9, Gnome was the default, so I took it, used
it, & was "acceptably happy" with it.  Then a month or so ago, following
a response to the thread about HTML editors, I installed Quanta,
discovered it needed KDE "things" to work properly, so installed KDE &
have been "acceptably happy" using it ever since (& enormous "Thanks" to
whoever suggested Quanta - a super-magic app!!!!!).

I like it, too :-)

Now, I'm wondering--do I "need" to have both KDE & Gnome installed?  Are
there "things" that only work (properly) in one and not in the other?

If you only have one of them installed you can still run apps from the other, but installing those apps will pull in all the dependencies, so you probably will end up with at least half of the other installed anyway :-)

If you don't have a disk space problem, just leave them. Having both does not use twice the resources. Things are only used when necessary.

(apart from the bouncy doo-dads which I assume are a KDE TM).  If I keep
both installed, are all the updates done in one automatically available
to the other?

Not sure what you mean there, but 'yum update' will keep everything tidy.

Are hand-installed programs equally available?

If you mean the ability to install single applications, there are just different sets of apps, but as I said before, all are accessible to you. I use the KDE desktop, but there are a few gnome apps that I wouldn't be without.

And...... what the heck is the definition of "widget", "plasma" &
"plasmoid" -- all the doo-dads around my KDE screen appear to do the
same things as icons & buttons??

Very similar :-)  Full answer on http://userbase.kde.org/Glossary

Thanks for your comment (** thanks to all the people who set up all the
toys & keep them working when I break them  !!!!**)

Hehehe - we all break things from time to time


Thanks, Anne!  All strength to you and your colleagues in "KDE World"!!!!!


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