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Re: KDE 4.2 requires local MySQL Server

Arthur Pemberton wrote:

> If a component you want requires a resource, it is, by definition,
> necessary. Or are you using an alternate definition of necessary.

No, that works for me, however, the OP mentions KDE4.2 /requiring/
MySQL.  And, no it does not require it for every instance.  But yes if
it is a component you want, it is necessary.  But that's splitting
hairs.  KDE4.2 runs just fine without akonadi, therefor it does not
require MySQL.   If for whatever reason 4.2 would NOT run fine without
MySQL, then I'd agree with you.  To me, akonadi is useless and a waste
of resources, much like Beagle is on GNOME.

But then, to me GNOME is a waste of resources.  I'd like to speak to the
goon decided on GNOME's latest interface. If anything, GNOME is Linux
Vista.  It's poorly designed and with no thoughts to whether the end
user finds it usable or not.

> As an uninformed observer, the requirement of mysql-server seems over
> kill, but it's a 21MB download that only consumes as much resources as
> is required at any one time.

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quadraturae circuli

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