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Re: myqsl dummy needs help

Gene Heskett wrote:

Ok, so I rip it out again, only this time I run a script that searches the locate database for mysql and deletes all the leftovers before I reinstall.

Would that help?  Something is obviously completely fubar.

I don't think you have to resort to that. MySql stores its settings in one of its own databases, usually /var/lib/mysql/mysql.

If you really just want to start from scratch and you are sure there are no databases you need inside the directory /var/lib/myslq you could delete everything in there: "rm -rf /var/lib/mysql/*".

Once that is empty take a look for mysql installers.  e.g.

"locate mysql | grep '/bin/' | grep install"

Execute whichever one seems most promising and you should end up with a brand new out-of-the-box wide open mysql database setup.

Start the mysqld server.

Run mysqladmin and set the root password.

Should be good to go from there.


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