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Re: myqsl dummy needs help

Gene Heskett wrote:
With all due respect Craig, what the hell use is it then when ALL the documentation is wrong?
/tmp itself is drwxr-xr-x  amanda disk   system_u:object_r:tmp_t:s0       tmp

Well, that's totally wrong. I'm curious about how permissions on /tmp got broken. That's almost certainly what caused the problem. My guess is that the first time mysql started, it began the initialization process for the databases in /var/lib/mysql, but failed partially through because of the problem with /tmp. After that, MySQL will not continue trying to initialize, so you've got a bad database.

To correct the problem, you need to make sure that /tmp is in good order. It should look like this:

# ls -ldZ /tmp
drwxrwxrwt  root root system_u:object_r:tmp_t:s0       /tmp/

If it doesn't, then "chmod 1777 /tmp" and "chown root:root /tmp"

Next, delete the contents of /var/lib/mysql. That directory must also exist and must have the correct permissions. It should look like this:

$ ls -ldZ /va/lib/mysql
drwxr-xr-x  mysql mysql system_u:object_r:mysqld_db_t  /var/lib/mysql

Once those two directories are fixed, you *should* be able to start msyql, and use the cli "mysql" and "mysqladmin" tools without a password. If not, check for new SELinux problems.

And with all due respect, the documentation isn't wrong just because it doesn't cover recovery from the specific error condition on your host.

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