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Re: hwo to install a goup with GUI

Adel ESSAFI wrote:
Hi list

I want to ask how to do to install a group of package graphically. the add/remove software allows only to parse the groups and then you have to select the needed packages. There is even "select all" option.

Just to clarify, I think you meant "Is there even a 'select all' option?"

Folks, it seems to me that he is referring to "gpk-application" or whatever the equivalent is for KDE, which of course uses Yum as its backend.

Yes, I would like to know how to do this, too. You should be able to do it from the command line using yum, but I don't see any way to do it using any GUI utilities except when running Anaconda on the installation discs. I would suggest submitting a Bugzilla report if somebody hasn't already as a future feature request.

As for now, it looks like we are stuck with using yum at the command line in order to mass-install or mass-uninstall groups of packages. I've only seen that I can install and uninstall entire groups using "yum groupinstall <group>" and "yum groupremove <group>" respectively, but these only install and remove the groups as they come on the installation discs (use "yum grouplist" to list groups of packages). They do not take into account the extra packages available from the Fedora repositories, nor any other repositories added to the yum configuration. Does anybody out there know how to add an entire group of packages, no matter where they come from, using yum at the commandline?


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