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Re: KDE 4.2 requires local MySQL Server

Mark Haney <mhaney ercbroadband org> wrote:

 > And yes akonadi does require MySWL, but KDE 4.2 does NOT require
 > akonadi.  So my point is still very valid.
In Fedora 10, akonadi cannot be un-installed without removing KDE.
And KDE cannot be updated to version 4.2 without updating akonadi
as well. In the end, KDE 4.2 requires MySQL (server) to be installed.

Yes, you may run KDE without akonadi, and akonadi may use remote
databases, but Fedora 10 insists on installing MySQL server packages
if you want to have KDE 4.2. And by default, akonadi uses a local
MySQL instance. That's weird for a desktop workstation, and it's the
wrong way to use a database like MySQL. Are all KDE core developers
aware of this new dependency, and are they all happy about it?

However, I accept the fact that KDE 4.2 now depends on MySQL, and
installing a different Linux distribution after all these years
won't help because sooner or later all other Linux distributions
will have the same dependencies which come from akonadi (and
without akonadi, you cannot install KDE). So, until GNOME people
start their local MySQL instances as well, the only option is to
remove KDE from the system.

It's okay. Fedora has always been more GNOME-ish than KDE-ish,
so it's not such a big loss. I'm not using KDE as my default
desktop environment, but I liked some KDE apps. Will search for

	Don't worry ... Andreas

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