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Re: Tools to work with a Sansa

Steve Snyder wrote:
On Wednesday 11 February 2009 17:09:55 Robert Moskowitz wrote:
I just got a Sansa 4Gb Connect MP3.  This is audio and video.

I am running FC10 and Gnome on an Asus 701.

I plug the sansa in with its special USB cable and I show a USB
device but it is not accessable.

The Sansa devices can be configured in 2 USB modes. By default they are configured such that they appear to be a media device to MS Windows. You want the other mode, it which the Sansa appears to be a storage device. That's configured in the Sansa's Settings section.

I have tried to add the Disk Mounter tool to the panel, but when I
click on add, nothing happens.

So perhaps multiple things are going wrong here.

But what tool would I use to move music, pics, and videos to the

When I plug in my Sansa, I am informed (on my KDE desktop) that a new device has been plugged in. I opt to mount that device. Then it is a simple matter to copy files to /media/SANSA_CLIP/PODCASTS/ (or whatever). When the Sansa is disconnected it automatically re-indexes the files stored on it. Then they are available via the on-screen menu selection.

FYI, the Sansa firmware is updated the same way: just copy the firmware file to the root of the device's filesystem. No need for Sandisk's Win32 application.

Where do you find the firmware updates that are _not_ in the form or a *.exe file?

Or is there some way to break the components out of the *.exe?


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