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Re: KDE 4.2 requires local MySQL Server

>> > Linux bloat continues unabated.
>> ----
>> I think...
>> - that you would have to have kde-pim package installed to bloat here
>> - agreed on bloat but considering that my Acer Aspire One is 10 Gb
>> Windows installation and 5 Gb Fedora 10 and I have a lot more 'stuff'
>> installed in Fedora.
> Agreed.  My other laptop has to dual-boot with XP.  However, I only require it
> for one application.  I partitioned it with 8GB for XP system (no data) and to
> my surprise the most basic install filled it to danger point.  I could
> certainly run a modern linux distro, with more applications, in the same
> space.
> More importantly, in linux, if you think something does install too much, you
> do have a choice.
> Anne

Looking at KDE 4.2, which seems to have sacrificed functionality for
good looks & an enhanced (but difficult to navigate & configure
interface), it seems a part of Linux seems to be moving the Windows
way (re: Vista's complex operation, non-intuitive functions & the
'aero' interface) ... choice in Linux seems to be going the Redmond
way (probably an overstatement, but now may be a good time for a

Hope the next OO.org will not present us a telly-tubby look with a 'ribbon'.


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