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Re: A reminder of EOL for F8

Bill Crawford <billcrawford1970 gmail com> writes:

> On Tuesday 17 February 2009 15:43:28 Marc Schwartz wrote:
>> If there is a bug preventing you from installing, get it filed.
>> Otherwise, you have a decision to make here. Stay with F8 at your own
>> peril or move to another Linux distribution that works for you.
> The problems appear mostly to be non-distro-specific, I am CCed on a couple of 
> bugs relating to video problems with multiple GPUs, and yes, I am a little 
> stuck here.
> I provided logs from Xorg for both working and non-working situations, I'm now 
> just waiting for Xorg to support multiple graphics cards sensibly again ...


Is this in a system with multiple GPUs from the same vendor (eg. nVidia)
or is this a heterogeneous GPU vendor system?

Also, have you tried other distros using live CDs to see if any others
work for you? Using a live CD makes it easier to check functionality,
rather than having to go through a full install, blowing away your
current configuration. 

That would include an older release with a prior Xorg version, that is
still actively supported. Perhaps Ubuntu LTS 8.04, which appears to have
Xorg 7.3? If that works for you, it will be supported until April 2011.

Given the issues that I have seen across all three GPU companies
(nVidia, ATI and Intel) of late, I wonder how much of these issues are
Xorg and how much are the HW drivers, whether closed or open.


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