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Re: g++ -save-temps mess

On Tue, 17 Feb 2009, Peter J. Stieber wrote:

MH = Michael Hennebry
MH>> I recently went from FC8 to FC9.
MH>> Since then commands like g++ -save-temps main1.cc
MH>> give me .s files with names like
MH>> main1.tmp.localhost.localdomain.2918.s
MH>> and don't give me any preprocessed source at all.
MH>> What is going on?
MH>> How do I fix it?

BW = Bruno Wolff III
BW> Since I just went through this; make sure you
BW> aren't using ccache.  I needed to get a .ii
BW> file for a bug report I filed and just using
BW> -save-temps only saved the .s files.  Since it
BW> was easiest, I just removed ccache, but there
BW> must be a way to turn it off without uninstalling
BW> it.


Thanks folks.
After some googling, I discovered that not saving .ii
files is a ccache bug that is deemed too hard to fix.
Apparently ccache is the reason for the messy .s file names also.

Michael   hennebry web cs ndsu NoDak edu
"Pessimist: The glass is half empty.
Optimist:   The glass is half full.
Engineer:   The glass is twice as big as it needs to be."

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