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Re: F10 & Eduroam : howto?

> Hi All,
> I'm trying to use the inter-university wireless network called Eduroam on
> my
> laptop on which F10 is installed. I tried several options, but it seems
> not
> to work. I'm using Network-manager to set things up.
> It used to work some time ago for F8 or F9.
> Is there someone out with a working Eduroam connection on F10, who can
> help
> me configuring the machine?

eduroam in my university is WPA2/AES, EAP-TTLS+PAP. With this and
NetworkManager connect to eduroam is very simple (I translate GUI from
spanish and may not be very accurate)

. Right click in NetworkManager applet.
. Click on Edit connections.
. Click on Wireless tab.
. Click on Add.
. Fill in SSID with "eduroam".
. Click on Wireless Security tab.
. Select "WPA/WPA2 Enterprise" from security list.
. Select "Tunneled TLS" from Authentication list.
. Fill in Anonymous identity with "anonymous tudelft nl".
. In "CA Certificate" select the file with the root certificate of the CA
that sign the certificate of tudelft.nl radius server.
. Select PAP from Inner Authentication.
. Fill in Username and Password.
. Accept.

Good luck.

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