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Re: Space Allocation Problems

Hi Red Hat Group
I recently installed Fedora V7 from LXFDVD95 dated August 2007 on a
separate hard 20gb hard drive. I then received 250 plus critical updates
to my system which failed to install because the /var directory ran out
of space. When I checked the actual space used on my disc by the Fedora
System it was only 3.5 gb meaning that I had plenty of space left if
only the system could have taken advantage of it. Is there a tool that I
can download that will fix this problem for me or do I have to perform a
manual install using my own size values? If so what are the recommended
sizes that I should use?
PS This mail is coming to you from Windows XP on a separate disc because
the email system on fedora fails to send my mail but still receives it.
The system fails to recognise my supplier of services on pop.ntlworld.com
Again any thoughts about this second problem?
Gerry Hooper
Thank You
Gerald Hooper

for your update issue, use the following principle
yum check-update > updatelist
then split up the updatelist file into multiple files
make it a bash script, and make it a one liner to look as following

yum update [package names]

then execute each script (after chmod +x) and between scripts run yum clean cache

I have used this method in the past, nowadays newer pc's have more then enough storage, or it is very cheap to add

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