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Re: Can't print Legal size paper OO-3

On Tue, 2009-02-17 at 19:59 -0500, Bill Davidsen wrote:

>   - I think the default cups does PS to graphics itself, even for a PS printer. 
> My HP is PS, but it appears to be getting HPGL to print things. If I print using 
> CUPS I get a different Time-Roman font than if I dd PS to the device directly.

Postscript has graphic definitions and the postscript print driver
should coerce bit-mapped graphics into a suitable format. CUPS does not
convert fonts to graphics.

As for cups printing Times-Roman font, it should substitute the same
built-in Times postscript font (which is Roman). It's possible not to
substitute the Times postscript font in favor of downloading a true type
version (i.e. Microsoft's Times New Roman). Unless you are excessively
tinkering with settings, it will substitute the built-in Times font on
the postscript printer but very well might derive kerning/spacing from
the program which generates the postscript instructions. This type of
futzing seemed to begin with Word Perfect a long time ago, picked up by
various representations of Microsoft Word's fractional spacing and I
would presume that OOo mimics some of this behavior as well...I've not
really checked. Thus a document printed via cups or direct to the
printer using the same postscript print driver would surely be the same
Times font unless there is something incredibly wrong with the
postscript printer definition file used by CUPS (not likely on an HP


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