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Re: Tools to work with a Sansa

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> I just got a Sansa 4Gb Connect MP3.  This is audio and video.
> I am running FC10 and Gnome on an Asus 701.
> I plug the sansa in with its special USB cable and I show a USB device
> but it is not accessable.
> I have tried to add the Disk Mounter tool to the panel, but when I click
> on add, nothing happens.
> So perhaps multiple things are going wrong here.
> But what tool would I use to move music, pics, and videos to the Sansa?
I have a 16GB View and for mine to be seen as a regular flash drive (MTP
mode) I have to turn it on, put it in HOLD and hold the wheel to the
left as I plug it in.  There is a FW update that's supposed to add that
as an option, but it's not out yet.

If there is no USB mode option in the menu on that one, I suspect you'll
have to do something similar.

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