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Re: SAS version for Linux ?

On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 8:02 PM, Marc Schwartz
<marc_schwartz comcast net> wrote:
> "Pittigher, Raymond  - CS" <Raymond Pittigher itt com> writes:
>> Yes there is. SAS (www.sas.com) and the S (www.insightful.com) along
>> with open source R can be found on Linux.
> Insightful was purchased by Tibco/Spotfire last year, with many of the
> key tech support staff leaving the company. Bill Dunlap is about the
> only familiar name left there.
> There are some doubts as to the future of S-Plus as a stand alone
> product versus becoming an analytic engine for some yet to be announced
> application server. Such is the rumor mill...
> The user base of S-Plus has deteriorated substantially over the years,
> in large measure due to R and Insightful's own mis-steps. There was a
> discussion last month on the r-help list subsequent to a recent NY Times
> article that covered R. As a result, I posted some analyses of trends in
> the posting volume on the S-Plus, R and SAS primary help e-mail
> lists. That post is here if anyone is interested:
>  https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-help/2009-January/184196.html
> There are PDF files with the relevant plots as attachments to the
> post. Caution is urged in interpreting the data as representing a
> possible figure for the size of the user base, as there are other fora
> (including phone support) for SAS and S-Plus as commercial products. In
> addition, over the past several years, some level of the traffic on
> r-help, despite the notable growth, has moved to specialty lists for R
> covering topics that are OS specific (Fedora, Debian, OSX) and subject
> matter specific (finance, databases, mixed models, genetics, etc.).
> Also, there are at least 3 companies that have announced commercially
> supported versions of R, as a sign of R's growth and maturity. These
> would be to R, what RH is to Fedora. I won't reference them here, as I
> have no association with them. Google searches can locate them. If one
> needs a commercial version of R, much as one might want RHEL in lieu of
> Fedora, these companies might provide an option for you.
> HTH,
> Marc Schwartz
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Thank you, all for your answers.

I was looking for the Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) for Linux.
Their website is difficult to navigate, especially for a newbie
single-user, and I don't think it would be worth the while putting in
a 'Call Request'  for my needs (single-PC, home user, student) ) - I
dual-boot Win XP Prof with openSUSE 11.1 on my home PC; a few months
ago it was only Win XP Prof. After installing Linux, I find I am using
Linux much more than Windows, for a variety of reasons that can be
found at most sites espousing GNU/Linux, and am keen to learn Linux
and Programming Languages (later), (I have a medical background).

SAS was the default software provided by the Dept/School IT Dept
(volume-licensed to the School of Public Health) to Graduate students
in the MPH (Master's in Public Health program...will not mention which
School/Univ), where I was enrolled till a few months back- but had to
withdraw mid-way due to health and domestic reasons. In the meantime
(and even while in the MPH program), I was interested in appearing for
the SAS/BASE Exam as a Professional Certification. Now, as I have some
free time, I thought I might sit for the Exam and thought of
installing SAS on oS 11.1 Linux; hence the question (also it would
have *wowed* some of my Professors then, looking at the Platform -not
being Windows XP, but on "Kernel Linux" (I suppose that
is what it would say in 'proc contents' - students needed to submit a
copy of the SAS Program syntax with their Computer Homework). As such,
quite a few MPH students found it difficult initially to install/
configure SAS on even their _Windows_ PC's (laptops) - none had Linux
and there was no Linux version of SAS 9.1.3 available at the Computer
Labs, AFAIK.

Well, I guess the bottom-line is that SAS can't (for all practical
purposes for a home user like me, who can't shell out the $$$), be
installed on Linux oS 11.1 at the moment. Besides, officially at
least, oS 11.1 is not supported. So, if I need to practice for the
SAS/ BASE Exam, it will have to be on Windows.

Would like to explore the FOSS alternatives, particularly 'R' (though
I think they R lacks the fancy add-ons such as ODS that SAS has; and
has a steeper learning curve). As I recall there was a Course in
Statistics where the Professor used 'R' entirely, instead of the
default SAS.


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