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Re: Fedora/Ubuntu Problems

> Hi Group
> I had to abandon installing Fedora because it was taking up too much
> space on my hard drive. Instead I installed Ubuntu 7.1 Gutsy Gibbon
> which took up much less space.
> I have had a problem with this updated version of Ubuntu however in that
> the Email system Evolution kept putting additional characters into my
> address on my broadband server at ntlworld.com which is run by Vergin
> Media through a cable connection to my home. I could not uninstall the
> Evolution Package because it seems to be an essential component of
> Ubuntu. I overcame my email problems by installing Mozilla Thunderbird
> which seems to be working OK and allows me to both send and receive mail
> Gerry Hooper
> ghphpr ntlworld com
So, your point?

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