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Re: How to determine what causing the system being rebooted

YaMe wrote:
> Hi,
> My system (Fedora Core 8) rebooted by itself this morning.
> There are few users using this system and i checked the /var/log/messages, i got this message:
> "Feb 18 07:53:18 rsyslogd: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="1.19.6" x-pid="1880"][x-configInfo udpReception="No" udpPort="514" tcpReception="No" tcpPort="0"] restart". Can i determine if the restart was initiated by user or the system rebooted it by itself? how to determine what cause the system reboot?
> Thanks,
> YM

Unless I am missing something here, this looks like rsyslog was
restarted not the system rebooting. You would have a all kinds of
messages as the system booted if it were a system reboot.

Did someone do a system update? The date looks a bit late for when
rsyslogd was updates, but you can check /var/log/yum to see if
rsyslogd was updated then. The other possibility is that the config
file for rsyslogd was updated, requiring a reload or restart.


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