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Advice on a regression testing framework for a system daemon?

I am currently developing extensions to the MyDNS-ng software and want to include a regression testing suite with the next release. Rather than reinvent the wheel I was hoping to find a suitable framework for building and running this sute. Unfortunately I must be looking under the wrong rocks because everything I keep finding is suitable for Unit testing or simple program testing but does not seem to have enough features to make what I want to do easy. I was hoping that somebody on here could advise on a suitable rockpile to look under.

What I would like to do is to be able to set up a test directory within the build tree that will be populated with the configuration file needed by MyDNS, create a test database in the local instance of the MySQL or Postgresql server, populate this database with static data as provided in an SQL script, then run the MyDNS daemon. Having confirmed that all of these happened I would then like to run a series of dig commands, checking that the output is correct and that the correct messages get logged in the output log for MyDNS. Finally I would need to shutdown the daemon and clean up the test directory. This sequence may need to be run a number of times using different data and different database engines so I want something that will make this easy to script and will allow me to have both passing and failing tests.

Any suggestions of a suitable rockpile?


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