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Re: hwo to install a goup with GUI

William M. Quarles wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> If you are using yumex, click on the folder icon - this gives you
>> the group view instead of the package view. From their, you can go
>> down the tree one level and install the standard group packages with
>> one checkbox. You still have to open the group to get the optional
>> packages, but I believe you have to do that with yum as well.
>> Is this what you are after, or am I missing something?
>> Mikkel
> Yum doesn't use checkboxes, it's a command-line utility. I tried yumex
> and it doesn't seem to be able to do what Adel and I want to do either.
I didn't say yum had check boxes - Adel was asking about doing a
group install from a GUI.

> Let's say that I want to install everything in the Games group. Easy in
> Anaconda, just right click and select "Install all optional packages."
> After FC10 installation however, it simply just won't do it for you, so
> you are left with the tedious operation of going down the entire list to
> check every single check box. We want to AVOID having to do that. This
> is definitely a feature that needs to be addressed.
OK - I understand better. You are right, the group view will only
check the standard group, the same as yum groupinstall does. You
then have to select the optional packages. An install optional
package, or eve a check box in the column header line would be nice.
It is not something I would use, but that is beside the point.


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