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Re: What's on my system...

Tim wrote:
> To have a database that includes information about what's used, would
> require YOUR user interface (menus, desktop icon launches, links between
> programs, etc.) to also add data to the database.  It's do-able, but not
> done here.  
> I'm not sure that I'd want to, either.  How do you distinguish between:
> Important to be kept, but only used once or twice, so it doesn't look
> like it's important to be kept; looked at something a few times, but
> don't actually use it (don't need it, can't figure it out, people just
> had a look to see what it was, etc.); the user does actually make use of
> it; the thing gets run, but nobody actually uses it.

Well, if you want to do it the way Microsoft does it, you just guess.

Either that, or they mark anything called “Firefox” as “used rarely” in
the hope people will uninstall it…


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