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Re: udev weirdness

Konstantin Svist wrote:
> Hi,
> Using the tutorial at http://reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html,
> I've written a custom udev rule for my Zalman HD135 case - specifically,
> for the built-in VFD + IR receiver. The rule looks something like this:
> ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0403",
> ATTRS{idProduct}=="6001", SYMLINK+="lcd lcd-zalman-hd135"
> The problem is, sometimes (at reboot) it creates the symlinks to ttyUSB0
> (as it's supposed to) -- but other times to usbdev[...]. When it links
> to usbdev*, lirc and lcdproc don't work. If I run udevtrigger after the
> system is up, the symlinks are created correctly every time.
> My question is, why does this happen? It's almost as if ttyUSB0 is not
> created in time and the symlink gets assigned to the parent (as defined
> by udevinfo). Unfortunately, udev doesn't seem to allow me to write a
> rule that would match the final ttyUSB0 device...
> Thanks,
> Konstantin
Dumb question - is the rule one line, or as it shows in the email, 2
lines? Even though you have a comma on the end of the first line,
you get strange things happening if you do not use \ to continue the
line - it treats it as 2 separate rules.


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