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Re: qtconfig seg faults with no font installed

Am Mittwoch, den 18.02.2009, 08:20 -0600 schrieb Rex Dieter:
> Henry Ritzlmayr wrote:
> > when qtconfig is started and there is no font installed
> > (/usr/share/fonts is empty), qtconfig seg faults.
> > 
> > By installing just a single font like bitmap-fonts or
> > any other font package everything works as expected.
> > 
> > Shouldn't there be some kind of dependency when qt4
> > is installed on any font package?
> GUI apps pretty much "assume" you have a basic X setup/infrastructure
> available on the host, which includes at least:
> yum install @base-x
> (and probably a bit more)
> -- Rex

Hi Rex, 

but wouldn't it be better if this assumption was handled by rpm
dependencies. The system I am talking about is a headless station,
where no window manager of any kind is installed. Just some gui 
applications are called remotely. Since we figured out that the 
problem was a missing font, there is no real issue for us any more, 
but others might have to walk the same road. The applications 
themselves already have a dependency on qt. But qt itself (at least 
without fonts) seg faults (ex. qtconfig). If all font packages would 
not just provide themselves but some kind of virtual font package, it 
would be easy for the applications or even qt itself to include 
such a dependency and therefor not seg faulting any more (which can
be tough to debug). 


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