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Re: Since when doesn't Fedora use xorg.conf ?

Linuxguy123 wrote:
There are all sorts of posts associated with the "Disabling mouse taps
on Fedora 10" thread that state that Fedora 10 doesn't use an xorg.conf

When did Fedora/X stop using an xorg.conf file ?

It certainly isn't mentioned in the F10 release notes.

How and where are the X system settings set and held now ?


With the release of Xorg 1.5, the X server is capable of running without an xorg.conf file for many video cards, but not all. And as you mentioned, many of the settings for devices have defaults that are not appropriate for everyone.

Therefore, the xorg.conf file is used more for exceptions than the rule, now days, but it is still very much in use.

So yes, for some combinations of video card, monitor, keyboard, and mouse, the 1.5 Xorg server can work without an xorg.conf file. For other combinations, the config file is still needed.

Good Luck!

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