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Re: Partition XP disk to add F-10 -

Craig White wrote:
On Thu, 2009-02-19 at 14:10 -0500, Bob Goodwin wrote:
I've acquired a computer with a 40 gig hard drive with
one NTFS partition and XP installed.  Can I somehow repartition
it to reduce the XP partition to a minimum using the F-10 live cd? Or should I forget that and install an additional drive for F-10?
40 Gb is not very large. I wouldn't suggest that you have XP with too
much less than 20 Gb but the installer can indeed shrink the NTFS
partition on the fly during installation and use the space made
available for Linux.

I would suggest that you use the Windows tools to 'defragment' the XP
installation first unless that is a fairly clean, unused XP


Yes, I already ran the "defrag" on Xp and it found nothing
to do as I expected since it is a new install on a used box. I have no use for Windows but I keep throwing Windows installations
away and it seemed like I ought to keep one.  It also came with
an re-installation cd which I assume would permit me to rescue
the windows install if I hose it, should I want to.

I was thinking more like 10 gigs for Windows.  It doesn't occupy
but a small part of the drive now and I don't plan on using it for anything ...

I didn't realize the Fedora installer could re-size the Windows partition
but I will have a try at it.


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