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Re: (fedora) Re: F10 & Eduroam : howto?

Mike Cloaked wrote on 19-FEB-2009 12:44:16.09

>Jouk Jansen wrote:
>> If I go to the menus Fernando advises, I see a new entry "Auto eduroam".
>> Here I can change back to "WPA/WPA2 Enterprise". However when I try to
>> connect the authorization window pops up again, without possibility for
>> "WPA/WPA2 Enterprise". When I look into the menus Fernando advises, I see
>> that another entry "Auto eduroam" is added.
>> What is wrong??
>It is clear that different institutions have different setups despite all
>being on Eduroam. Is there any information about the nature of the
>authentication system at your institution? I would be surprised if there is
>not a local web page giving some information on how to connect - if that
>guidance is for MS rather than linux then the information will still act as
>a guide for the Fedora connection.  
>From the web page (in Dutch):

Netwerk verificatie	 : open
Gegevenscodering	: WEP
Verificatietype 	: EAP/TTLS
Verificatieprotocol	: PAP
Zwervende identiteit	: anonymous tudelft nl

>By the way if your connection needs a certificate then you may find that the
>cert at /etc/pki/tls/cert.pem will allow the authentication to work?
The cert is at the same web-page.

What I tried to do is to follow this as closely as possible.

The "linux" info on this page is more than half a year old. At that time I
had no problem connecting to the network (I was able to select
WPA-enterprise in Fedora 8)

I also contacted our IT-support. They are vere Windows-focussed( brr...) and
have hardly any knowledge of linux.


Pecunia olet!


  Jouk Jansen
  joukj hrem nano tudelft nl

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  Kavli Institute of Nanoscience       tttttttttt  uu     uu  dd    dd
  Nationaal centrum voor HREM              tt      uu     uu  dd     dd
  Lorentzweg 1                             tt      uu     uu  dd     dd
  2628 CJ Delft                            tt      uu     uu  dd     dd
  Nederland                                tt      uu     uu  dd    dd
  tel. 31-15-2782272                       tt       uuuuuuu   ddddddd


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