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Re: KDE 4.2 requires local MySQL Server

We are running into the same problem here. Why is it a problem? Not the
disk space taken up by mysqld or the little bit of cpu time it
takes. But the diskspace on the user's home directories. We have a
shared home disk here for > 200 people, each has disk quota of 0.5 - 1 GB
and akonadi's database for some users seems to be taking as much as 140 MB
And that is even without them being actively using it, it's probably
just an existing addressbook getting converted to mysql database or so.
I have no idea how big those databases will grow over time.

So a way to disable akonadi would be very much appreciated. Well, other
than removing the binary, or chmod 000 ~/local/share/akonadi which seems
to be doing the trick nicely (though with some startup errors).
At least, I haven't been able to find any settings regarding akonadi in
the KDE settings, autostart programs, etc. Any pointers would be

In another department, we use thin clients, getting their X services
from a central RHEL server. I'm also holding my breath for waht it will
do if 50 users all have theirr private mysqld running on that one
server. Luckily KDE 4.2 is not in Redhat Enterprise yet, but that will
just be a matter of time.

In short, ideas that may look nice for a single user on a single
computer, don't scale too well to larger environments. 
It would be great if such additional features would be optional.

David Jansen

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