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Re: KDE 4.2 requires local MySQL Server

On Fri, 2009-02-20 at 07:51 -0600, Rex Dieter wrote:
> David Jansen wrote:
> > We are running into the same problem here. Why is it a problem? Not the
> > disk space taken up by mysqld or the little bit of cpu time it
> > takes. But the diskspace on the user's home directories. We have a
> > shared home disk here for > 200 people, each has disk quota of 0.5 - 1 GB
> > and akonadi's database for some users seems to be taking as much as 140 MB
> > And that is even without them being actively using it, it's probably
> > just an existing addressbook getting converted to mysql database or so.
> > I have no idea how big those databases will grow over time.
> We're currently working on splitting packaging so that akonadi gets
> installed only when really used/needed.  If anyone wants to help or
> participate in testing that, jump onto the fedora-kde list for news.
> But, that doesn't address the size issue.  Wow, confirmed, my akonadi dir is
> ~163M.  ouchie.  Looks like another TODO item to look into.
you're sort of tossing fuel on the fire but consider...

# du -sh /home/craig/.local/share/akonadi/
144M    /home/craig/.local/share/akonadi/

and I've never started kmail, kabc, kontact, kalarm, korganizer on this
system ever. This is a brand new installation...no data whatsoever. Viva
le mysql/innodb.

Though in the larger scheme of things, I don't mind the wasted space and
since I'm not actually using it, there aren't many wasted cycles
involved, save for the initial screen reporting something about starting
akonodai after login...it's just the perception of a heavy footprint.

Then of course, there's some obscure error that vanishes from screen
almost immediately and I cat ~/.local/akonodai/akonadiserver.error.old
Control process died, committing suicide!

It's not as if this was going to be an issue wasn't known because of all
of the griping that went on when Firefox implemented sqlite which meant
that a typical Linux system would be using embedded versions of db4,
sqlite and now mysql. One of the earliest comments in this thread
bemoaned the bloat of Linux.


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