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Re: Linux users want better desktop performance (Screw data. Prioritize code)

On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 6:36 PM, Alex de Jong <alexander dejong home nl> wrote:
> That's why I switched to FluxBox. Damn ugly, but fast.
> I don't need the fancy blinking windows, sliding menu's or whatever,
> But I see your problem: things like BlackBox tend to get too ugly/unhandy
> fast...

At work I need access to Exchange 2007 server and untill new Gnome
comes out with MAPI support I have to run Outlook under windows under

The strange thing is that Firefox was running much faster under
virtual machine than one running natively under Linux! I couldn't use
native Firefox because somehow it would crawl... until I enabled these
new options I saw recommended (vm.swappiness=1 and
vm.vfs_cache_pressure=50). Now native running Firefox is as fast as
one under virtual machine and I can finally use Firefox on Linux

Any comments?

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